Health & Beauty

As a pioneer in on-board retailing since 1942, Latina has developed its offer over the years.

For seven decades, the company has maintained close relationships with numerous of Travel Retail and other Duty Free clients such as cruise lines, airlines, Private Charters and other particular Duty Free clients, wishing, to offer their customers a selection of top-of-the-range products with the privileges of tax-free sales.

Latina’s compliance with distribution regulations has given it credibility with brands and official distributors, enabling it to offer selective and niche products that meet the needs and expectations of demanding and targeted clientele.

Monaco is an international hub with more than 139 nationalities present, 73 of which are represented through embassies and consulates. This diversity represented a unique opportunity for Latina to share its expertise with these people who enjoy diplomatic privileges (with tax and duty free certificate)

We are the healthcare & beauty partner for all your favorite Duty Free selling points.

With a visionary retail experience, we offer an unique selection of bespoke shopping concepts to appeal to every need and budget by offering great savings on duty free favourites. The options are endless with one of the largest perfume and cosmetics offer in the sector.