Frequently Asked Questions

I want to be a customer, what should I do?

Contact us by email, phone or by registering interest on our site. You will find the “register” section on the home page or in the menu section. Once we receive your information and request, we will contact you to complete your client file.
Once we validate your account, we will contact you and you can place your orders through our commerce term.

If I need a product and you don't have it on your site, can you still source it?

If there is a product that you are looking for and you do not find it on our site then please contact our team, we work with suppliers and wholesalers across Europe to source the best quality products and can always find what our clients are looking for.

How long does shipping take?

This depends on the quantity / variety of products ordered and the location of delivery. Within Monaco and the Cote d’Azur we can deliver within 24 hours depending on stock availability.

Can I take care of the logistics with my trusted company?

Yes, we offer this possibility always coordinating with the assigned salesperson to comment on warehouse availability.

Can I make changes once the order is placed?

You must understand that once you place your order we begin to process your purchase, however, we are able to make changes until the point that we confirm that your order has been shipped.

Can I collect my order at the warehouse or premises of the logistics company?

There is the possibility, although it is limited for certain orders and after consultation with the assigned salesperson.

Can I track the order?

Yes, although there are many logistics companies that we currently work with, most allow us to have control over the status or location of the shipment that you can view the status of your order on the logistic company’s platform.

I have an emergency and I need my goods as soon as possible - do you have any express shipping options?

Yes, for these cases we have transport agencies that we are able to use for air freight to make sure that you can receive your goods quickly.

There are no prices for products on your website?

Our prices are often dependent on the quantity of bottles ordered and the availability of products at the time of order. When you submit an enquiry one of our team will provide you with a quote including our up to date pricing.

What is the minimum order amount? Is the postage free?

This will depend on the where you would like the goods shipped to. The delivery charges are dependent on the quantity of goods ordered.

What happens if when I receive the merchandise I find that a product has been broken in transit?

It is necessary that in the delivery note of the transport company you write down the incident in as much detail as possible to be able to claim the damages to the transport company.
Subsequently, you must notify the assigned salesperson to begin the claim process. It is important that you take pictures in front of the carrier and open the boxes to see and account for the broken bottles.

I have a specific problem and I cannot find the solution in these frequently asked questions. What can I do?

When registering on our site, each client is assigned a salesperson who will provide all the advice and care they need, especially at the beginning of our business relationship, we consider this service appropriate to guarantee the levels of quality of service established in our sales policies. Regardless of your situation, location or need we will find the best solution for getting you the products that you want.